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Our Purpose In Doing Business

To provide products at the lowest price and give away as much service as possible. This is the philosophy that we (Phil & Jane Hartgraves) started our business with in 1999, and today I still try operate by these standards. Jane passed away June 25, 2007 of metastatic breast cancer.

So you will know who you are dealing with, the picture above is me (Phil Hartgraves) working at my computer.

Why Our Engraving Is Better

When buying personalized gifts and personalized jewelry the guy or gal doing the engraving is the most important part of the gift that you are buying. Most engravers today use computerized engravers, and we do to. It takes years to learn to engrave properly. You may learn the basics of the machine in a couple of hours, but to learn to line things up in the center of the engravable area, to make the engraving the right size for the piece being engraved, and knowing the depth of the cut is where experience counts. For example, pewter is a soft metal, you get a very deep cut in pewter, so you have to slow the rpms of the cutter down so you don't get dots in the finished piece where the cutter starts a line and where the cutter finishes the line. On silver plate you can't use a new sharp cutter because they will eat up the silver plate and if it is brass underneath the silver plate the brass will show through where the engraving is. When engraving stainless steel, you have to use a real sharp aggresive cutter on it and speed up the rpms, or else you won't get a very good finished engraving.

You would assume that all engraving companies would use experienced engravers, but this is not the case. The company in the mall that sells personalized gifts, have the salesman engrave your gifts. And in retail you know how long a person stays at a retail job, not long. It is very stressful to have to engrave and wait on customers at the same time. Also a lot of the personalized companies on the internet do not stock and engrave their products. They buy their merchandice from a wholesaler that does the engraving for them. Wholesalers have to sell the products fairly cheap so that the retailer can mark it up and make a profit. The problem is that these type of engravers are paid low salaries, and have to engrave enormous amounts of products. They do not take the time to line the engraving up properly, nor are they concerned about it being the right size. They are just required to engrave as fast as they can.

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Shipping Information:

Most orders will be shipped the same day the order is placed if it is early enough in the day.  If the order is placed later in the day it will be shipped out the next day.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

We are committed to your satisfaction.

If an item is not engraved it can be returned within 30 days from the order date for a full refund or exchange.

If an engraved item is engraved wrong and it is our fault we will engrave another same item for free with the correct information.

If it is your fault then we will engrave another same item with the correct information for 50% off of the regular price of the item (not 50% off of a sale price).

Canada and Australia Customers
Please note that packages shipped to Canada and Australia, usually take one to three weeks to arrive. Canadian and Australian packages must pass through customs. Delays in customs are beyond our control. Canadian and Australian customers are responsible for any duties or taxes due.

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