Pewter Baby Cup

Pewter Baby Cup

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Pewter baby cup made in England at the Sheffield Mint makes a great keepsake. Measures 3" high. 4 oz. Engraves better than silver and looks as good as silver and does not tarnish. Shown engraved in Vanessa 5 line. We can only engrave the date using numbers. We can not spell out the month. It makes the date to long, so we have to make it smaller. Pewter engraves deep, so when engraving smaller the letters run together and it is hard to read.

Food Safe.  No lead.

Engraving Instructions
Make sure to check font chart below for instructions on what order to put the initials in. Each font is different. Also enter in all capitals only if that is the way you would like it. Remember we will engrave as shown, this includes punctuation, capital letters, upper lower letters,etc. We will engrave in the order that you have entered. Please check all engraving to make sure it is correct. We will correct any mistake made by us for no charge on the exact item however, if it is your fault then we will engrave another same item with the correct information for 50% off of the regular price of the item (not 50% off of a sale price). No returns or refunds on engravable items. fonts-for-website-1-900.jpg fonts-for-website-2-900.jpg