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Engraved Whistle

$18.99 $15.99
(You save $3.00)

Engraved Whistle

$18.99 $15.99
(You save $3.00)

Product Description

On this page you can only order text to be engraved on the whistle, no graphics.

Click here for information on whistles engraved with graphics: Whistles Category Page

In 2019, Most Engraved Whistles Are Given As Gifts.

No one wants to give a gift that is scratched, dinged, dented, and doesn't work properly.

We are not trying to push our engraved whistles on you.  We just want everyone to know what makes our engraved whistles so special.

It's not our special price and it's not our Free Shipping on orders over $35.00. 

It's when you give our engraved whistles as a gift, you can feel confident that the coach or whoever the gift is for, will be able to look at it and know it's a beautiful whistle because there are no scratches, dings or dents and it is perfectly polished.  And they can take their new personalized whistle out on the field or where ever they would use it, and it will sound and work beautifully.

Engraved whistles are different from the cheap whistles at the big box stores.

They are bigger in size and they are not plated. They are made of polished stainless steel.

The bigger size presents a problem to engraved whistle manufacturers.

They are setup to mechanically insert a small cork ball inside the whistle after the whistle is soldered together.

The small cork ball doesn't work, because it takes all of your breath to barely blow the whistle. Larger whistles require a larger cork ball.  They can't mechanically install the larger cork ball. And they can't put a larger cork ball in the whistle before soldering, because of the heat.

So they install a white ball made of stone before soldering, which is not bothered by the heat.  The problem is the white stone ball is too heavy to blow.

We order our engraved whistles without any ball in them. We tested different size balls.  And the large cork ball give us the best results. So we hand install a large lightweight cork ball after our polishing but before our engraving. That fixes the sound problem with engraved whistles.  No one does this.

The next problem is the sanding, buffing and polishing.

Sometimes you do get lucky and most of the whistles will come in and will look fine. But a lot of the time they don't.

So we sand and buff and polish each whistle before we engrave them.  Again, no one else will do this.

We don't depend on the manufacturer to produce the most beautiful, best sounding engraved whistle on the planet, and neither should you!

This is how we can guarantee that the PW3 is the most beautiful, best sounding engraved whistle you'll ever give.

Make no mistake about it, you want to give the PW3!

If you want to give the most beautiful, best sounding engraved whistle with just text engraved, no graphic, then go ahead and fill out the personalization options above and click the Add to Cart button.

If you want to give the most beautiful, best sounding engraved whistle with an engraved graphic and text, then go to our Whistles Category Page to see all of our engraved whistles.

It is football season so here is the direct link to our football whistle page.

Here is the direct link to our soccer whistle page.






Guaranteed To Be The Most Beautiful, Best Sounding, Engraved Whistle You'll Ever Own!


The Only Engraved Whistle That Actually Works.


Not Available Any Where Else!


No other engraved whistle has so many outstanding quality features.


It's built with 100% high polished, high quality, stainless steel.  No Plating!



We use a large lightweight cork ball inside the whistle.


We tested different size cork balls.  The large cork ball gives us the best results.


This makes the whistle easy to blow and gives the whistle that great unique whistle sound.


All other engraved whistles use a white ball made of stone, which is too heavy to blow.  You will be disappointed with the way all other engraved whistles sound.


Most engraved whistles are given as gifts.


No one wants to give a gift that is dinged, dented, or scratched up.


That is why each whistle gets our FREE 5 step process.


With our FREE 5 step process you can feel confident knowing each whistle was inspected for dings and dents.


Sanded and buffed to remove scuff marks and light scratches.


Split ring straightened so the whistle will lay properly on the lanyard.


Hand polished to remove finger prints, and beautifully engraved.


Only PW3 has all of these qualities.


Give your coach the advantage of a PW3!

Engraving Samples and Ideas
Added basketball whistle with filled graphic at bottom

Coach whistle with Basketball Logo


PW3 whistle with Football Logo


PW3 whistle with Coach graphic and two lines


Coach whistle with two lines, order from this page.


Coach whistle with bible verse, order from this page.


Coach whistle with three lines, order from this page.


Coach whistle with three lines, order from this page.


PW3 whistle with Soccer Logo 


Coach graphic with two lines Vanessa 5l 


PW3 whistle with three lines, order from this page.


PW3 whistle with Hockey Logo


PW3 whistle with Volleyball Logo 


PW3 Whistle With Lifeguard Graphic 


PW3 Teacher Whistle With Apple Graphic 


PW3 Basketball Whistle With Filled Graphic 


PW3 Whistle With Lacrosse Graphic


PW3 Whistle With Wrestling Graphic 


PW3 Whistle With Baseball Graphic 


Engraved Whistle


Great Gift Idea. Free Engraved Text And Graphics. See Examples. Ships Today. High polished stainless steel.

Coach Whistle-Engraved Coach Whistle

Our whistles are well received gifts.  Personalized whistles make great gifts for coaches and referees. Our coach whistle is made of high polished stainless steel which gives it a shiny silver finish. The stainless steel makes our coach whistle harder to scratch and makes our coach whistle last.

Where Do We Engrave Your Engraved Whistle

We engrave the whistle on the top of the mouth piece so the engraving can be easily seen by others.
Our engraved Coach Whistle can be engraved on the back of the whistle with two lines of text.
We can also engrave the back of the whistle, up to two lines of text as show in the picture above. If you want the back of the whistle engraved you must select yes in the Engrave back of whistle option. If you don't, it won't charge you for the extra engraving, and we won't engrave it. There is an extra $3.00 charge for engraving the back. The engraved text on the back of the whistle will be engraved toward the tip of the mouthpiece, as shown in the picture above, it will not be in the center.

How Do We Engrave Your Engraved Whistle

If it is a gift for a coach, you can type Coach in the Text for line 1 box and his or her name in the Text for line 2 box. We will engrave Coach on one line and his or her name on a second line. We also give you a third line that you could engrave a year, date, team name or anthing else that would make their whistle more special to them, but most engrave Coach and name. We don't engrave in all capitals. We always use upper lower case letters to save on space. Measures 2 1/4" x 1".

So What Do You Get

You get the personalized coach whistle, free engraving up to three lines, comes with lanyard and it comes

How To Order One Or More Personalized Whistles

So to order your coach's whistle, just fill out the personalization options and click on the Add to Cart button. If you are ordering more than one, you will need to click the Add to Cart button for each whistle that is being ordered. If the engraving is going to be the same for all the whistles you need to order you will only need to click the add to cart button once, and when you get to the shopping cart, just change the quantity to the number that you need to order. When you change the quantity, the shopping cart will update the price. Its that easy.

When Will Your Order Be Shipped

Once your coach whistle is engraved and shipped you will receive an email letting you know that it was shipped and the tracking number. If your order is placed: Monday - Friday 10-3 and Saturday before 10:30am we try to engrave and ship it the same day. Any orders that we get after 10:30am on Saturday will not be shipped until Monday night.

Method Of Shipping

We ship your coach whistles United States Postal Service. We have two options. The $5.95 rate is for Priority Mail. It will take 2-5 days for you to recieve your order. We also ship Express Mail. There is a $25.00 dollar charge for this service. You will get your package in 1-2 days.

Engraving Instructions
Make sure to check font chart below for instructions on what order to put the initials in. Each font is different. Also enter in all capitals only if that is the way you would like it. Remember we will engrave as shown, this includes punctuation, capital letters, upper lower letters,etc. We will engrave in the order that you have entered. Please check all engraving to make sure it is correct. We will correct any mistake made by us for no charge on the exact item however, if it is your fault then we will engrave another same item with the correct information for 50% off of the regular price of the item (not 50% off of a sale price). No returns or refunds on engravable items.

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